Perodua Myvi EZ 1.3 (A)

 RM140.00 Per Day

  • 5 Passenger
  • 3 Luggage
  • 2 ABS (Driver and Passenger)
  • 1.3L Petrol Engine
Day based pricing : Perodua Myvi EZ 1.3 (A)
RM140.00 / days
Hourly based pricing

RM14.00 / per hour

Pickup Date & Time
Dropoff Date & Time

The 2015 Perodua Myvi facelift has just been launched in Malaysia. The best-selling car in the nation – for nine years in a row – is now in its second-generation, having first been launched way back in 2005. First things first, the entire range has now been rebranded with four variants on offer.